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Property Management Solutions in Oklahoma City, OK

When you own real property, you have the foundation for a lucrative business. Much like any enterprise, renting out your home, multiplex, apartment, or condominium requires playing many roles. From customer service to accounting, property management is a full-time commitment. If you would like to get your business going, why not work with a trained and experienced team? Our agency offers effective property management solutions in Oklahoma City, OK.

Whether you are just starting out or need to make crucial changes, our company is with you every step of the way. Thanks to our extensive training and experience, we serve as your faithful assistants. Simply put, we bridge the gap between tenants and landlords so that you can save time and energy for other things. Our property management services include:

• Marketing
• Property Assessments
• Tenant Screenings
• Lease Enforcement
• Property Maintenance
• Accounting and Reporting

Property Management Solutions in Oklahoma City, OK

How Property Management Works

By learning how property management works, you will learn how a collaborative approach can steer your investments towards the path of success. We adopt a comprehensive strategy in our services, which are distilled in an easy-to-follow process below:

Step One: Sign a Management Agreement
First, we’ll discuss the terms of how we’ll help manage your properties and the business which follows. We’ll outline the services we will perform, including the price. Then, you sign a Management Agreement. No matter what, you are in control of the partnership--if you are not satisfied with what we do for any reason, you may cancel at any time.

Step Two: Property Inspection
No two properties are alike. Therefore, we conduct a thorough inspection and assess the “move-in readiness” of your holdings. After the inspection, we’ll hand you a detailed report on what kind of renovation or remodeling work must be done before listing your property.

Step Three: Estimates
All good businesses have plans. To that end, we will tell you what you can do to improve your property. These estimates include itemized lists, as well as our recommendations. We can even refer you to experienced contractors in the area, so the improvements are made quickly.

Step Four: Marketing
Exposure generates interest and encourages new signees. Our in-house marketing team identifies key demographics which might want to rent your place. We also list your holdings on online.

Step Five: Tenant Screening
The success of your business depends on trustworthy people. So when it’s time to screen prospective tenants, we conduct thorough background checks. All prospective tenants are screened in the following:

• Credit History
• Employment History

• Income Verification
• Renting and Landlord History
• Criminal Background

Step Six: Move Tenants In
After finding the right tenants, we present them with a lease. After discussing the terms and setting up the proper support lines, we facilitate move-in procedures. We strive to make move-in day as seamless as possible.

Step Seven: Rent Collection
We establish intuitive, easy-to-use online portals that make rent collection simple and efficient. Our collection services include “direct deposit,” so you can see your revenue accrue as quickly as possible.

Step Eight: Celebrate the Tenant
Happy tenants make loyal customers. So we host events to remind tenants they are always welcome and appreciated.

Step Nine: Worry-Free Management Every Day
It’s managing the everyday things that will set your business apart from the competition. That’s why we manage every aspect of property management. From maintenance and grounds keeping to accounting and bookkeeping, you can count on us to handle the inner workings of your enterprise.

Choose a property management company you can trust. Request a free consultation with our team and see what direction we can take your investment. With our experience, expertise, and adaptive approach to customer service, you can own more than a building--you’ll run a business.

Contact to learn more about our property management services. We proudly serve clients throughout Oklahoma City, OK, including Edmond, Choctaw, Midwest City, Harrah, and the surrounding area.